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Happy Holidays

This holiday season, Klinke Immigration has partnered with Telemundo Atlanta to wish our clients and the entire community a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Please enjoy our short video, and read about our “stars” below.


Teresa is a citizen of Mexico who came to the United States without authorization ten years ago. Like many others, she came to find work and to provide for her family.

Teresa has applied for U status, as a victim of a violent crime who was helpful in the prosecution of the crime. This will allow her to stay and celebrate the holidays with her three U.S. citizen children.

Teresa has also applied to bring her two Mexican children to the United States. Within a matter of months, we hope to see Teresa’s entire family settled – and with legal status – here in Georgia.


The law firm of Klinke Immigration is designed to take the intimidation out of the complex immigration process. Tracie L. Klinke, Esq. and her team ensure that everyone who walks through the firm’s doors is treated with respect and fairness. Tracie strives to create a safe environment where immigrants can speak freely about their immigration status and other issues that may impact their case.


Our client Teresa and all of us at Klinke Immigration had a lot of fun recording this year’s holiday message. The Telemundo team spent two hours with us to make sure we all looked great. It’s hard to believe that so much time went into a 15 second video!

Thank you again to everyone who helped with the shoot. More importantly, though, thank you to all our clients for your trust and confidence this year. We wish for nothing but health, happiness, and immigration reform in 2014!

Please enjoy these behind-the-scenes pictures of our “movie star” experience.