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Parole in Place Three Weeks and Three Wins

The past few weeks have been full of great news for military families at Klinke Immigration. We’ve had three Adjustment of Status applications granted for clients who were initially granted Parole in Place.

Parole in Place, as you may recall, grants certain family members of current or former U.S. military members “forgiveness” for their illegal entry to the United States. Many times, illegal entry is the only reason keeping them from being eligible to obtain a green card. Parole in Place removes the obstacle.

I attended Adjustment of Status interviews for Parole in Place grantees in Atlanta and Newark recently. In both cases, we were done and approved within about ten minutes. The adjudicators had already reviewed the cases and we were in and out quickly.

In one case, the client didn’t even have to appear for an interview. Within a month of filing the I-485, we received the approval notice. We could hardly believe it because 99% of the time, it takes months to work through the system, and we had never had a case decided without an interview. However, the client’s husband is currently deployed, and I suspect that was the reason for the speedy decision.

Our military families and service members sacrifice more than we civilians can ever appreciate. I am proud of our immigration system for recognizing these sacrifices and allowing our veterans and active duty service members to have the most basic of human needs met – being with their loved ones. And I am grateful that these military families let me be a part of their immigration journey.

– Tracie