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Breaking News Immigration Reform: Executive Action Delayed

A federal judge in Texas just issued an injunction against President Obama’s Executive Action on immigration.

What this means in the real world is that no one can apply for Expanded DACA or DAPA until further notice.

DAPA isn’t due to be ready until May, but the timing is particularly hurtful for those who wanted to apply for Expanded DACA starting tomorrow.

The judge has not said that the actions are unconstitutional. He’s said that the problem with the Executive Action is a technicality on how the public was informed.

The judge still needs to rule on the entirety of the Executive Action, though we do not know when that will be. The injunction just tells the government that they are not allowed to move forward with their plans until the final ruling is issued.


The government could address the issues the judge had regarding notice and go back and correct the technicalities. An appeal of the injunction is also expected to happen shortly. So, the legal wrangling is getting started…and millions of lives hang in the balance.

So, for now, please continue to wait and pay attention to trusted news sources.

When we have news, I’ll be sure to let you know!

– Tracie