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1, 2, 300… Our Latest Immigration Numbers

It’s been a week of numbers at Klinke Immigration.

Our Administrative Assistant, Alina, celebrated her one-year anniversary with us. Our Senior Paralegal, Rosa, celebrated her second year. And we opened our 300th case.

To celebrate these milestones we went down to Marietta Square and ate fabulous cupcakes from Miss Mamie’s and talked about some of our more memorable moments.

We talked about our legal victories:

The client who went from undocumented to U.S. citizen in less than a year; the Canadian Native American who was a Permanent Resident the moment he stepped into the U.S.; the cases where USCIS initially wanted a waiver but we were able to demonstrate that our clients were already admissible; the U visa that was initially denied but approved on appeal; the times where the U.S. Embassy questioned a relationship and our Notice of Intent to Deny response was approved in record time; the cases we get out of removal proceedings.

All of those cases required mental gymnastics, legal prowess, and are professionally rewarding.

We also talked about the clients who touch us on a more personal level:

The client who brought me a thank you gift of red silk nightgown that was about the right size to fit my pinky – but the client was just so joyful and happy and she wanted to give me something, anything, as a token of appreciation.

The first same-sex couples we helped will always be particularly special because that was history in the making. We also talked about the clients who cried tears of joy when we told them that it was possible for them to get a work card or green card.

There are times when what we do feels more like social work than legal work and that has an entirely different feeling, but can be just as important and rewarding as the legal work.

Every client is special and every story has its challenges. We are lucky to have been part of 300 immigrant stories and I hope to be part of many more to come.

– Tracie