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2017 – The Year in Numbers

Here we are…the last Friday of 2017…It has been a year full of change and uncertainty. Yet, even in difficult times, we find moments of joy – calling clients to let them know their VAWA case approved and hearing screams of excitement, everyone who gets a green card based on U status and cries because their life will never be the same, every couple that gets to stay together in the United States, every parent who is protected from deportation…I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything. Thank you to our clients for letting us be part of your immigration journey in 2017. We have a lot of work ahead of us in 2018, but we’re ready!


The Year at Klinke Immigration…

1: The number of people our staff increased by

12: Initial DACA applications filed before the October deadline imposed by President Trump

20: Percentage increase of consultations compared to last year

31: Percentage increase of naturalization filings compared to last year

139: Cases closed

209: New cases opened

Is USCIS ready for 2018?? As of 12.29.17, they were pretty behind…

1: year it takes to get an interview on a green card case in Atlanta – processing date of  12/15/2016

3: years it takes to get an I-918 U status application adjudicated – processing date of 08/25/2014

12: months to get a decision on an I-90 green card replacement – processing date of 12/15/2016

13: months to get an I-751 removal of conditions case adjudicated – processing date of 11/14/2016

14: months to get an I-601 waiver with extreme hardship granted – processing date of 10/12/2016