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Client Reviews

  • Awesome lawyer
    Awesome lawyer "Tracie" she has a great personality, very understanding, and honest. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is in need of those type of services.Thank You Tracie for all your help.

    - Marriage case and Naturalization - Mexico

  • Tracie is a greatest lawyer I ever met.
    Tracie is a greatest lawyer I ever met. Me and my husband met in Dubai, got married there, found Tracie on the Internet and just trusted her to take care of my green card case. Everything well really good and fast. She was very carrying and helpful, very informed in advance what will be our next step. She also arranged payment plan with us, because at that time we were unable to pay all amount at once. I got my green card in 2016, came to USA without any problems. I really appreciate all what Tracie done for us as a lawyer and as just human. If anybody ever ask me about the lawyer I always suggest Tracie and her firm. So guys don’t even think if you got Tracie, make sure you will make it.

    - Marriage Case/Consular Processing, Uzbekistan

  • Excellent Immigration service!
    Excellent Immigration service! I highly recommend. Not only Tracie helped us (I'm from Russia my husband is from the US) to get my green card and citizenship afterwards, but also she helped with the immigration process when I decided to bring my mom here! Tracie knows what she's doing, she is smart, kind, reliable, and you can 100 % feel a great share of support from her. She genuinely wants to help people! I wish I can put more 5 stars!!!! THE BEST YOU GUYS!

    - Marriage Case, Russia

  • Tracie and her team are the best!
    Tracie and her team are the best! Extremely knowledgeable, patient, caring, and go the extra mile to ensure a successful outcome! They helped my wife and I with our K1 Visa process and were there for us every step of the way. It was a painful process that Tracie and her team led us through and our case was approved thanks to their support! I will definitely use their services in the future and tell my friends and family.

    - Fiancee Case / Trindad and Tobago

  • Always friendly

    Diligent hard working women that fight to defend your right to be here! Always friendly

    - Humanitarian / Mexico

  • Tracie and her team are phenomenal.
    Tracie and her team are phenomenal. They are very approachable, answered all my emails and multiple questions within a couple of hours, and most importantly, they always made me feel that they had my best interest in mind.

    - Marriage Case - Mexico

  • Tracie and her staff are really the best.
    Klinke Immigration agreed to take on my case which was a somewhat difficult expedition request to USCIS. Their staff was very professional throughout and demonstrated their experience and knowledge in the way they presented my case to USCIS. Tracie and her staff are really the best, and their fees are very reasonable. I will continue to seek their services in future, and have no hesitation in recommending them.

    - Humanitarian / Sri Lanka

  • Great team!

    Great team! Best lawyer ever!

    - Humanitarian - Haiti

  • I have the best immigration attorney in United States
    I have the best immigration attorney in United States

    - Humanitarian / Colombia

  • Tracie and her team are simply amazing!!!
    Tracie is the epitome of a true professional, one who is strong and immensely knowledgeable in her field. She was always available to respond my inquires regarding my case. She took care of details, and assured the correct filing of my application. Kept me informed of every application's status change. She is kind and sweet but the at the same time she is tough and goes the extra mile for all clients. Tracie and her team are simply amazing!!!

    - Humanitarian / Czech Republic

  • Tracie was the best!
    I think it is a crime Tracie and her firm only has 4.5 stars. We had a VERY difficult case, one that has very rarely if ever been won in the USA and Tracie and her team WON it for us. We were very concerned during the long process to a decision and each time we emailed or called Tracie and her team was very responsive to out needs. In fact, each time I called which was many, I believe there was only one time she had to call me back and it was within an hour. If you need help with Immigration don't pass up on this firm. I've dealt with many Lawyers in the past and hands down Tracie was the best!

    - Humanitarian / Peru

  • Thanks for all you do!
    I received the services of Mrs. Klinke in the frame of a change of status. She has been outstanding in her responsiveness to requests for information and professional guidance. Her and her team have proven to be highly knowledgeable and receptive. On top of that she is a genuinely nice person! Thanks for all you do!

    - Marriage Case / Venezuela

  • We highly recommend Klinke Immigration, LLC.
    We highly recommend Klinke Immigration, LLC. The service provided was highly professional, and it was a pleasure working with Tracie and her team.

    - Marriage Case / Germany

  • Best immigration lawyer I met so far
    Best immigration lawyer I met so far.....very professional and client based service....surely can refer to everyone for all complicated immigration issues.

    - Humanitarian / India

  • Tracie is an attentive and thorough attorney.
    Tracie is an attentive and thorough attorney, she gave me best advice. Everyone at the firm is knowledgeable, detail oriented, they answer calls and emails promptly.

    - Humanitarian / Kenya

  • Success beyond what you can imagine/read/believe/know.

    Success beyond what you can imagine/read/believe/know. You will get results claimed by other lawyers not to be eligible to you.

    Multiple lawyers were not able to achieve what Tracie did for me. My lawyer even though was paid in full refused to apply for a immigration benefit claiming I'm not eligible for it. I was referred to Tracie by other of clients from the immigration forums and she first did a consultation to evaluate whether I have a chance in the benefit that I want to pursue and decided that I have a chance, my initial lawyer didn't even apply for that benefit even though I paid him saying that I do not qualify. There are paths in immigration law that are not written, they don't exist, you have no idea about them, you don't even imagine that something is possible, there is nowhere you can even read about it or know about it. Tracie will help you achieve your dreams! I regret I didn't know about her earlier and spent many years not successful using multiple other lawyers. I can't turn back the time, but achieving an impossible petition even later is still a pretty good result. Stop wasting your precious time thinking, but instead contact her right now and get on the track of success! After that calm down, and enjoy your life knowing that you are in the best possible hands in the immigration matters.

    - Humanitarian / Bulgaria

  • Tracie and her staff returned our calls and emails in a timely fashion

    - Naturalization Client, Kenya

  • I asked her for a miracle and made it happen

    - Humanitarian-Based Client, Czech Republic

  • Tracie explains everything so clearly

    - Adjustment of Status Client, Colombia

  • Professional, dependable, and optimistic approach

    - Adjustment of Status Client, Russia

  • She and her team are simply AMAZING!

    - Consular Processing Client, Singapore

  • I will be thankful to her all my life

    - Adjustment of Status Client, Germany

  • The service was excellent, professional, and responsible

    - Humanitarian-Based Client, Mexico

  • I call her my Angel

    - VAWA Client, Nigeria